Our Team

We are a team of individuals, expert in our fields, just like you are in yours. We apply many decades of hard won experience to each of our clients’ projects. Within our team we have advanced skills and decades of experience in problem analysis for communications, online learning and web solutions; instructional, functional and visual design, for online learning, classroom training, web, multi-media and print collateral

John McLeod — President

In addition to being President, John leads the instructional design team at PathWise Solutions. During the last decade he has designed and written some of the most successful courses developed during the company’s 27 year history. John has a background in biochemistry and microbiology, is a certified teacher with a decade of classroom experience teaching senior school sciences. He holds a masters in distance education instructional design. In addition to writing great courses, John is a seasoned educational analyst with substantial experience in evaluation at both program and course levels. He has hands-on experience with a variety of open source and proprietary LMS/LCM systems. John is also an advanced practitioner for the creation of courses in a couple of the most popular development tools, Storyline and Captivate. Knowing the development tools intimately allows him to design activities with the tools in mind, both taking advantage of their capacities and knowing the level of effort required to create them.

Tim Mock — Vice President

As founder of the company, Tim has dealt with the training, communication and extension needs of a wide range of clients and their learners at all levels. He has provided project management and consultative services on most large-scale projects undertaken by the company. Tim has studied and worked at the crossroads of science and communication for more than three decades. He has written and edited many manuscripts and developed training courses on a wide range of topics. His life-long focus has been helping non-technical people understand and learn otherwise technical content.

Gord Draibye — Design Lead

Gordon has been chief designer and artistic director at TM NewMedia/PathWise Solutions for 20 years. His award winning designs have graced the majority of our projects during this term. Gordon is an integral part of the design and development team. Gordon is classically trained and specializes in typography and functional design. Gordon is an expert user of industry standard programs for work on interactive animation, eLearning, web development, and print. In addition, Gordon has an in-depth understanding of original art, graphic design, typography and graphics production for digital and print publishing.

Dan Bashaw — Web Development Lead

Dan is a 15 year member of the PathWise Solutions Team. He is an expert in systems analysis, IA design and web-based systems development. Dan has over 20 years of professional experience in information and communication technologies, with specialized skills and training in the development of web-based content management and knowledge management systems. Along with great websites and web applications, Dan has designed and managed the creation of advanced online cataloguing systems with custom search interfaces. In addition to a long and distinguished tenure with PathWise Solutions, Dan has held the post of webmaster with a prominent Canadian university.

Our Values

We hold a world view that the solution to most challenges is within grasp and that these challenges are best tackled through collaboration between a diverse group of engaged participants. We believe that by partnering with our clients we can enrich their team and significantly increase the odds of them achieving their goals, while receiving the benefits of doing some really satisfying work.

We value honesty and integrity, service and excellence. These are the fundamentals of how we want to be in our work and our lives, and be seen by our clients.


Pathwise Solutions started 27 years ago as TM NewMedia. The company was founded by Tim Mock, current Vice President. Many of our staff have been with the firm for one or more decades. The continuity that this has created in allowing us to draw upon experience with projects from 20 years ago, while working with the same client, sometimes astounds us. Throughout its history, the company has focussed on service — on partnering with our customers to assist them in achieving their goals. Our story has been one of achieving success by serving others.

The work we do today in eLearning, mLearning and web communication is a direct result of the success we have achieved in the past, coupled with the challenges our clients are facing today and will face tomorrow. We have worked in many industry sectors and for private, public and not for profit organizations. Each has it uniqueness, and yet each has its similarities. People are people, and when given the tools to learn new skills, acquire new knowledge and achieve new understandings, they invariably rise to meet the challenge.

Much of our work has been in the fields of natural sciences and sustainability. As well, we have completed many highly successful training and communication projects in the health sciences and in education. Our work in the field of safety training has won many accolades and we’ve helped set the path for many new hires working in private companies across North America.

Pathwise Solutions is a virtual company headquartered on beautiful Vancouver Island, with staff in BC and Ontario. We use online tools continuously and are always evaluating what works and what does not. We bring this state-of-the-art and best practices thinking to each of our projects.

I would recommend PathWise to anyone. It’s been a very pleasant and easy working relationship…. I would especially point out that PathWise was great about handling people with a limited technical skill-set or language. They were very patient and helped us understand the things we needed to know… They talked to us in a way that we could understand.

Alison Salo
West Kootenay Early Years

Some of our happy customers...