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British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC)

Your Game Plan eLearning course

The Client

BCLC delivers gambling entertainment across B.C, while focusing on directing funds generated by lottery, casinos, and sports betting back to the Province to support healthcare, education, and community programs.

Key Project Features

The Need for Change

BCLC’s Game Break Program is an important tool to help players take a break from gambling. Those who enroll in Game Break choose a period of time to self-exclude from in-facility gambling and online gambling at Currently, individuals in the Game Break program are automatically reinstated to gamble after completing their chosen term (6 months, 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years). However, research and best practices show that an active reinstatement program, where an individual must apply and meet certain criteria to be reinstated, is more effective at reducing gambling-related harms. This led BCLC to the idea of introducing a course to the existing Game Break program.

The goal of this course is to help people better understand their gambling behaviours as well as where they’re at in their gambling journey, so they can decide if they’d like to return to gambling or continue to take a break. BCLC wanted to ensure that players were provided with the tools and information they needed to make an informed decision.

The Path for Change

PathWise Solutions, in collaboration with BCLC, decided to create a mandatory 30-minute eLearning course for those who’ve self-excluded and who are looking to return to play. Working very closely with the BCLC team, we decided to focus the course around a central “mentor” figure, a fictional GameSense Advisor, Kat.

BCLC GameSense Advisors educate players on how to play games, the odds of winning and losing, and how to balance their time and budget while gambling. They also help coach players through the process of Game Break enrollment. This mentor character allowed us to keep the focus on a warm, encouraging tone and include key tips and messaging delivered by this character throughout the different modules. An important aspect of the course we identified early on with BCLC was that learners needed opportunities to reflect on their gambling behaviours. To address this, we included a variety of interactive reflection activities as well as a downloadable Reflection Journal for learners to use while working through the course.

The Approach

A challenge we faced when creating and building this course was to ensure it was appropriate for a wide range of audiences, with differing language levels, and that it did not come across as judgemental or negative. We were also aware that some learners could potentially be resistant to the course content, so we wanted to ensure it was as accessible and friendly as possible. Learner privacy was also a concern. This took some creative work from our developers to ensure that while no information was captured within the course or Learning Management System (LMS), learners were still able to generate a completion code at the end to verify they’d completed the course.

The content and activities built allow learners to identify any concerns they may have around gambling, weigh the pros and cons of gambling, and build strategies to manage their play when or if they choose to return to gambling. We also emphasized how and where learners can go to get further help and resources.

Because BCLC and the GameSense websites have strong brand identities, we also ensured that the look and feel of the course matches BCLC’s branding through custom illustrations, icons, and video. The delivery framework is built in WordPress and LearnDash, and the course was built using Articulate 360.


  • Downloadable Reflection Journal
  • Clear image descriptions (alt text) where relevant to ensure screen-reader compatibility and better accessibility
  • Colour contrast checks (while keeping focus on BCLC and GameSense branding)
  • Closed captioning for videos


  • Reflection activities
  • Various interactive images, flashcards, accordions and more
  • Whiteboard animations


  • Custom illustrations to reflect the GameSense/BCLC branding, while incorporating a diverse range of characters
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) appropriate language and wording


Custom illustrations, interactive video and activities; close attention to BCLC branding; a core focus on the specific audience; and constant collaboration with the BCLC team has led to a successful, learner-centred eLearning course.

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