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Multiple Web Development & eLearning Projects

The Client

go2HR helps businesses gain access to relevant front-line, team leadership, and management skills training for their employees. Working in partnership with industry and WorkSafeBC, go2HR’s goal is to assist the tourism and hospitality industry in becoming a leader in best occupational health and safety practices.

Key Project Features

go2HR logo on a photographic server background

The Need for Change

PathWise Solutions was initially hired to complete development of go2HR’s complex site after the previous design group that was engaged failed to complete the project due to its immense technical challenges and the complexity of the custom programming required.

go2HR knew that they needed to upgrade from their site’s older Drupal technology, as they were running into scalability issues. They looked at this as a good time to not just redesign the site but to add a large number of new features.

Since this initial project, PathWise has worked on a number of different eLearning and web development projects for go2HR over the years in order to support the organization’s goals and mission.

Most recently, PathWise has worked on an update to go2HR’s Special Events Server (SES) course to include curriculum around cannabis use and on building a paid job board for the website to add more revenue streams for go2HR.

The Path for Change

After careful analysis, PathWise worked with go2HR to decide on the following approach to the website project:

  • PathWise would conduct a detailed business analysis to select key features necessary for client success in order to concentrate on a viable, launchable product
  • Enhancements would be made feature by feature after launch
  • WordPress would be used to move away from the limitations of Drupal

For eLearning projects, our approach to go2HR’s courses has been to

  • Include many interactive elements to engage the variety of learners
  • Use fictional story and character elements as frameworks for the learning experience
  • Add video clips and professional narration to address different learning styles
  • Share best practices around customers from various backgrounds and identities
  • Include stories and testimonials as learning tools
  • Create courses so they can be used on several types of Learning Management Systems

The Approach

Our approach to these different projects has been to work closely with go2HR to maximize the benefits for them and to pace each project to meet the deliverables. We converted their old website from Drupal to WordPress, have built responsive courses using Articulate360, used Formidable Forms to build a Health and Safety audit tool and, most recently, integrated Woo Commerce technology into their website.

Web Development

While working on go2HR’s website, PathWise added and improved many features, including

  • Developing an interactive training map
  • Programming enhancements and customizations to the Job Board, including paid job ads to increase revenue streams
  • Building a new Health and Safety Self-Audit tool for tourism operators
  • Making numerous administrative improvements to help go2HR manage the site more effectively

We’ve also provided other custom programming and web design.

Our programming team brought the initial website project to successful launch in 2017.


In order to provide rich, effective, and engaging training, we’ve created courses for go2HR that feature:

  • Story-rich content, with professional narration
  • Gamification elements, such as challenges and badges, as well as trackable progress for certification purposes
  • A variety of interactive learning assets and quiz styles to meet different learning styles
  • Supplemental materials like downloadable and printable PDFs
  • The integration of client-provided video into interactive exercises
  • Attractive, on-brand graphics and animations


As part of our ongoing relationship with go2HR, PathWise provides:

  • Enhancements of the different web tools used by go2HR
  • Technical support
  • Development services
  • Server management

We have also worked on ensuring course and training materials stay up to date, keeping go2HR’s curricula current in both design and content, and building new courses or web tools when required.


After a challenging initial project, PathWise Solutions has built an ongoing, trusting relationship with go2HR that has led to not only a successful website for the organization but also multiple web tools and eLearning projects. 

Other projects PathWise has completed for go2HR include:

  • Health & Safety Self-Assessment Tool (integrated into the go2HR website)
  • Small Employer Certificate of Recognition Auditor training course
  • Service for All course

PathWise also provides primary ongoing technical support and maintenance.

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