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eLearning Course for BC Landlords

The Client

With members-only education, resources, and support, LandlordBC (LLBC) makes owning and managing rental properties in BC easier for landlords and property managers. LLBC strives to balance the landlord’s rights to operate in a free market with the tenant’s rights to access safe, stable housing, as one unified, respected voice for the rental housing industry.

Key Project Features

Landlord BC

The Need for Change

LLBC wanted to create a course for landlords across the province. They hoped this course would serve at least two purposes. First, it would train new or less experienced landlords about the process of working with a tenant from start to finish and to have a better fluency with B.C.’s Residential Tenancy Act. Second, it would tie into LLBC’s role as a registry for landlords. LLBC has long provided services for landlords, and membership in the organization is seen as a badge of professionalism in the field. The course also needed to provide certification that a registered landlord had been through proper training.

The Path for Change

After many collaborative discussions, PathWise and LLBC determined the following path for change:

  • The course would be created using WordPress plug-in Learndash, as this would allow the client to make their own updates quickly and easily, and, thereby, save money.
  • In order to stand out with learners, the course would be custom designed and make use of original illustration and animation.
  • To verify completion for certification, the course would be trackable.

The Approach

PathWise Solutions created a unique course on a modest budget using WordPress and LearnDash. We used a scripted story to frame the learning concepts and incorporated periodic quizzes to assess the learner for certification.


To make the learning experience more memorable, we filtered the landlord experience through the lens of a fictional new landlord who had just purchased an investment property and was looking to rent it out. The course tracks her experience, from finding and vetting the tenant, through serving their needs during the tenancy, to bringing closure when the tenant decides to move out. Along the way, an advisor/mentor provides her with guidance about best practices.


We used custom illustrations and animation to bring our chosen story and characters to life. Several key sections use a short animation to introduce the various parts of the story. These animations often include informative text, illustrations, and other interactive functions to make the experience engaging and informative.

While LLBC served as the Subject Matter Experts, all scripts were written by PathWise.


To give the course a youthful and fun vibe, we designed the course with a gaming angle.

After the completion of each section, the learner collects a badge. After all badges are collected, a certificate is then awarded.


This course was successfully deployed in 2016, and due to its immediate success, LLBC asked for additional versions in two other languages – Mandarin and Punjabi. When a similar organization in Nova Scotia (IPOANS) saw the course, they contracted PathWise to created a version of the course based on their own provincial tenancy laws. LLBC has also recently contracted PathWise to create an additional course that allows landlords to get re-certified three years after taking the original course.

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