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Our Project Process

PathWise Solutions clients trust us to provide high-quality custom eLearning and web development solutions that meet their specific needs, challenges, and goals. We’ve built a robust project process to ensure that our workflow is consistent and clear and supports our clients at each step.

Take a moment to discover the magic that happens behind the scenes. Click on the video below to dive into the heart of our project process in action:

0:00 Every project at PathWise whether it’s e-learning or web development, begins with alignment.

0:06 In a collaborative brainstorming session, we meet with your team, explore the purpose of your project and learn about the audience you’re trying to reach.

0:18 We outline a path that aligns your objectives, intended project impact and overall business goals to practical solutions that work within your budget.

0:27 We then move onto the discovery phase where we analyze your existing material, refine project goals, determine possible structures and pre-visualize solutions. The outcome is a comprehensive report documenting this process.

0:43 After your review and approval of the proposed solution, we moved to the design phase where our creative team designed the elements necessary to help you visualize our proposed solutions and provide feedback before we move into the development phase.

0:59 During development, we build your course website or learning management system and produce any additional assets like animations, videos, or other interactive components.

1:11 Your approval on the finished product then prompts the deployment or setup phase. Once deployed, all elements of your website or e-learning course are tested to ensure everything functions as designed and that you’re fully satisfied. Then the project is launched to your audience.

1:30 Our work isn’t done yet, though. After deployment, we move into the maintenance phase. PathWise Solutions ensures you have ongoing support. Whether that’s through technical support, website hosting, or providing updates as content changes.

1:46 Throughout the project process, we communicate regularly the project process we communicate regularly and work collaboratively with your team.

1:53 You have many opportunities to provide feedback and approval stages. We work agilely to adjust to any changes in scope and our careful planning, high-quality work and consistent project process all ensure a final product that meets your needs and exceeds are expectations.

Ready to see how our meticulous process transforms into stunning finished products? Head over to our Portfolio and witness the impact of our work firsthand. You can also learn more about our project Discovery Sessions below.

Discovery Sessions

When we begin a project with you, we want to ensure we fully understand your needs, goals, and context. Our comprehensive Discovery Sessions are carefully facilitated and designed to allow you the space to explore these and add input from your team members and Subject Matter Experts.

What can you expect in a Discovery Session with PathWise? Click on the video below to gain insights:

0:00 A PathWise Solutions discovery session is conducted in person, or via video conferencing, depending on your needs, and is designed to help you clarify your vision for your project. We use collaboration, software, and facilitation techniques to guide you through a detailed brainstorming process, ask specific questions and solidify your project goals and needs

0:23 Not tech-savvy? Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you know what to do and how to do it at every step. This detailed approach helps PathWise identify what your audience needs to do in order for them to contribute to your organizations goals.

0:39 For each of these actions, we work with you to explore any challenges or barriers there might be in carrying out these actions. We then begin to map out possible solutions, whether that identifying the information or practice your audience may need.

0:56 By the end of the discovery session you’ll have a clearer picture of your project an overview of the approaches and tools that pathwise will use to best meet your needs and budget and an understanding of what will happen next.

Ready to bring your training ideas to life? Get in touch with PathWise Solutions today to see how we can support your next project.

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