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Our Story

PathWise Solutions started more than 30 years ago as TM NewMedia, and several of our team members have been with us ever since. This continuity has allowed us to draw on extensive experience from a variety of projects, working with many of the same clients, while adapting to new technologies, practices, and diverse client needs as we’ve grown.

Throughout, PathWise has focused on service — on listening to, supporting, and partnering with our clients to assist them in achieving their goals. Our story has been one of achieving success by serving others.

The work we do today in custom eLearning, instructional design, and web design and development is a direct result of the success we’ve achieved in the past, coupled with the ability to respond to the challenges our clients are facing today and will face tomorrow. 

We’ve worked with many industry and government sectors, as well as private, public, and not-for-profit organizations. Each has its uniqueness, yet each has its similarities. People are people – and when given the right tools to learn new skills, acquire new knowledge, and achieve new understanding – they invariably rise to meet the challenge.

Our aim has always been to provide these tools in an effective and affordable way. 

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Our Mission, Vision, & Values

We hold a worldview that the solution to most challenges is within grasp and that these challenges are best tackled through collaboration between a diverse group of engaged participants.

Our focus is on working with clients who do good work, helping extend their reach and facilitating their ability to do more good.

We believe that by working closely with our clients, we can enrich their team and significantly increase the odds of them reaching their goals, while receiving the benefits of doing some really satisfying work.

We value honesty, integrity, service, and excellence. These are the fundamentals of how we want to be in our work and our lives — and how we want to be seen by our clients.

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