Google Maps Meets Formidable Pro

As we increasingly orient towards mobile in eLearning and web development, geo-location is a feature that appears in our work more often. This can take many forms, from an xAPI-based mobile eLearning app that awards accomplishments or badges based on the user’s location, to the relatively simple integration of maps and locational data into websites and eLearning modules. … Continued

Tell Me a Story, Please!

Using storytelling as a tool in e-learning experiences   My daughter loves to hear stories. Like so many kids, it’s a vital part of her bedtime ritual. If we try to skip this part of the routine, watch out! Emotions burst loose and tears fly. The story must be heard! We adults have story ‘rituals’ … Continued

Free Range Training with the Tin Can API

There is a new emerging standard for eLearning – the Tin Can API. Tin Can API was originally intended to become the next version of SCORM, the old-standby communication standard used by learning management systems (LMS) since the dawn of digital time. (Or at least since 2001, which is close enough.) SCORM is used to include eLearning modules … Continued

Arrange a Demo

By knowing what you are trying to achieve, and what you have tried previously, we can work with you to design, create, and implement an approach that leads to success. Our Team will work with you to create exceptional products. Are you ready to discuss your goals? Let’s arrange a demo of projects we have … Continued

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