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Project Spotlight: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at TransLink

PathWise Solutions was very excited to work on yet another great project with TransLink – Metro Vancouver’s transportation network – this time focusing on building a suite of modules on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) for all TransLink Enterprise employees. See what we did and how!

The Client’s Needs

As TransLink continues to expand its organizational goals around Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and to enact change within the Enterprise, it saw the need for an eLearning course to help bridge gaps in knowledge around these topics. They wanted to create an opportunity for all TransLink Enterprise employees (from operators to corporate) to expand their knowledge of EDI and to apply that knowledge directly at work and in their daily lives. 

We therefore wanted to build a course that was not overwhelming to the audience, while ensuring we provided enough relevant core content for them to engage with and act upon. A key focus was on discussing common situations and scenarios relevant to TransLink employees with the EDI taskforce, so that any scenario we included felt authentic, no matter the employee’s role at the Enterprise. 

Our Path Forward

Because we’ve worked on several different projects with TransLink, this enabled us from the start to have a clear understanding of the client needs and the specific audience. For this particular course, we proposed a scenario-based approach that introduces a ‘story’, presents reflection questions, delivers the key concepts related to the scenario and how the learner could approach the situation, and then allows the learner to return to the scenario and make choices based on what they’ve learned. Scenarios feature a range of diverse situations and characters to represent the different concepts and ensure that the course characters reflect the topics discussed. 

Knowing the course is mandatory, we also wanted to ensure it was relevant, engaging and true to TransLink Enterprise employees. Therefore, in addition to scenarios, each module has video interviews with TransLink leadership and EDI taskforce members,  interactive activities, reflection questions and more to help learners continue their EDI journey. 

The course is made up of four 15-minute modules designed for learners to take at their own pace.  Modules can be taken in order or separately.

Course Considerations and Our Solutions

It only makes sense that in a course focused on EDI, the course is inclusive and reflects diversity and inclusion. We focused on including the following elements to ensure inclusivity and accessibility: 

  • Diverse range of custom-illustrated characters
  • Male and female voice artists for narration
  • Full accessibility check, including colour contrast, font, functionality (while adhering to TransLink Enterprise branding)
  • Closed captioning of all videos
  • Screen-reader friendly activities 

Other solutions we implemented include: 

  • Scenarios with interactive questions and knowledge checks
  • Articulate Storyline animated videos
  • Fillable reflection activities (for privacy reasons, no information was recorded)
  • Video interviews with TransLink Enterprise leadership and TransLink’s EDI taskforce
  • Interactive content (e.g., flipcards, accordions, tabs, images with hotspots)

The Results

“…we are all so incredibly impressed. It’s stunning and we love the modules. Well done to you and your team.”

– Neina Konate, TransLink Senior Learning Advisor, Organizational Development

We are proud to have created a visually interesting, relevant and engaging EDI course for TransLink that focuses on arming learners with the knowledge and skills they can apply on the job and in their day-to-day lives.

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