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PWS Webinar Recap: File Management Tips for Nonprofit Agencies

As part of an innovative ‘support co-op’ for nonprofit family service agencies in the Kootenays region, PathWise Solutions is delivering a series of skills-based webinars. Learn more about the first in this webinar series, File Management Tips for Nonprofit Agencies, as well as our other work with this great initiative.

PathWise Solutions has partnered with the Kootenay Boundary Community Services Co-operative (KBCSC) to offer members a Shared Web Services (SWS or “Swoosh”) program that addresses the ongoing maintenance and support gap member agencies often face with their web and digital systems. The goal of the SWS is to go beyond basic support to include consultation, training, and creative services. This allows SWS members’ websites and tools to evolve with their agency and the needs of the communities they serve, while providing a cost-effective support plan that isn’t tied to specific project funding. Our webinar series is a part of this initiative. 

The one-hour long webinars focus on a different, specific applicable skill or tool each month. Our goal with these is to build internal capacity so agency staff can operate their sites and digital services themselves – both efficiently and confidently.

Why the topic of file management?

Whether you use cloud storage, Microsoft 365, or network shares, there are ways to name, organize, manage, secure, and share files and folders to help you locate what you need quickly and easily. This webinar looked at several techniques to help nonprofit agencies organize their files more effectively.

PathWise Solutions’ Web Systems Analyst Dan Bashaw shared tips and tricks for managing files with the audience, focusing on 

  • Best practices for setting up your folder structure
  • Efficient folder and file naming conventions
  • Effective metadata and tagging to allow for easier filtering, sorting, and search
  • Tips for ‘spring cleaning’ an existing file and document management system
  • Tips for preparing a migration to SharePoint, OneDrive or other systems

You can view an edited version of the webinar recording below for these tips and tricks:

Interested in what’s coming up? 

The topics we’re covering in the webinar series are based on the learning goals and skills gaps of the various agencies involved and are designed to help build digital skills, resiliency, and a spirit of mutual aid in support of all SWS members’ online activities. 

Typically, we have a one-hour on-boarding session when an agency joins the SWS, which offers us a chance to find out about topics of interest. Our upcoming webinar focuses on how nonprofits can use their website’s Form-building software to create secure and effective surveys and feedback forms in order to easily collect information from their clients and stakeholders. 

The live webinar sessions are only open to SWS member agencies, but we’re going to continue sharing these sessions on our blog, as we believe in sharing knowledge and supporting those who are doing good work in their communities!

PS – If you’re interested in learning more about the SWS and seeing if it’s a good fit for your agency, feel free to set up a call with PathWise Solutions

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