Case Studies

A good story is worth its weight in gold. Here are some stories about a few of our wonderful clients and the challenges they faced. We encourage you to read them and see if any of their challenges, and the solutions that we created together, resonate with you.

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Case Study 1 [ link to individual page TNS Course]

Case Study 2 [ link to individual page SMUS website]

Case Study 3 [ link to individual page Black and MacDonald Orientation Course]

Case Study 4 [ link to individual page TSCBC SECOR program]


White Paper 1 [ link to individual page]

White Paper 2 [ link to individual page]

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White Paper 4 [ link to individual page]

You have done a masterful job of incorporating a rich variety of interaction techniques for learners... You have created a “WOW” experience for sustainability learners.

Bob Willard – Author, The New Sustainability Advantage; The Sustainability Champion’s Guidebook; the Next Sustainability Wave

Working with PathWise Solutions was a great experience for the Pacific Coast Collaborative team. It was a challenging task – to find the ‘look and feel’ that would work for four states and one province – but PathWise Solutions came through with a clean and elegant solution.

Moura Quayle – Commissioner Pacific Coast Collaborative Commission

As a health educator and researcher, I have always found working with Pathwise Solutions a great pleasure and one that has resulted in a number of excellent products each of which have exceeded all our expectations.

Vicky Scott – PhD, Ministry of Health

Some of our happy clients...