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Case Studies

The Compliance and Enforcement Collaborative (C&E Collaborative)

BC Compliance and Enforcement Foundations Training

The Client

The Compliance and Enforcement Collaborative (C&E Collaborative) is a cross-government inter-agency working group with a mandate to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the compliance and enforcement sector within British Columbia.

The sector is represented by members who are engaged in audit, compliance, investigation, inspection, security and enforcement activities. The C&E Collaborative leads the way in establishing corporate standards, training and educational requirements, and information and asset sharing toward improving continuity among its member agencies across British Columbia. The C&E Collaborative is supported by the Compliance and Enforcement Secretariat.

Key Project Features

The Need for Change

The goal of this project was to build a training program that provides new and recently hired regulatory compliance and enforcement workers (auditors, inspectors, and regulatory investigators) with a foundation of skills and knowledge required for key roles across the sector. The 10 sessions that make up the foundations program are tied to key learning outcomes, behavioural competencies, and principles commonly found across key C&E sector positions.

The Path for Change

After careful analysis and close consultation with the C&E Collaborative, PathWise created facilitator scripts, activity instructions, graphic designs for all slides as well as formal and informal assessments of learning. We wanted learners to be able to see how this information could help them in their day-to-day interactions and how to fully utilize these skills to help them in their various roles.

The Approach

PathWise and the C&E Collaborative met weekly in order to discuss progress, course information, and to develop materials for scenarios and break out room activities. PathWise created a visually engaging powerpoint for each session that included facilitator scripts and activity instructions. 

Learners engage in discussions and breakout sessions intended to foster a deeper understanding of the course material and allow the learners to practice the skills covered in the courses.


PathWise Solutions aims to create effective educational material, tailoring each course to the needs of its audience. For this course, we determined that discussion and scenario based learning would help learners dive deeper into the information presented, getting hands-on experience in a safe and controlled environment. Throughout the course, students are able to participate in a variety of these activities to keep them engaged in the material in a meaningful way. Overall, our approach to development was to make sure the learners received an engaging and effective educational experience that prepared them for success.


Creating 10 lessons required a high level of collaboration throughout the creation process. Our team worked together closely, using a range of tools to put together powerpoint presentations, discussion and scenario based activities, along with student workbooks in order to create a highly engaging and interactive learning experience. By leveraging our collective knowledge and expertise, we ensured that each lesson was carefully designed to help students learn about their roles and responsibilities. PathWise worked to make sure that the course material was not only informative, but also easy to understand and apply in real-world scenarios.


These courses were designed to be offered in an instructor-led online environment. They are intended to be highly interactive with interactive assessments, break-out room activities and quizzes providing feedback for the learners understanding of the content. PathWise also leveraged its team of committed and experienced designers to create engaging visuals throughout the learning materials. Through this approach, we were able to create a learning experience that encouraged active participation and retention of the course material.


Learners will benefit from an engaging online learning experience that provides opportunities for engagement and networking across C&E organizations within the province.  Learners will gain exposure to concepts and skills that are essential to success in a C&E role, and will build a shared understanding and consistent approach to key issues and challenges across the sector. Using interactive tools like breakout rooms, group activities, and discussions, learners will share their experiences and hear from colleagues from across the province. The cohort-based training approach embodies the C&E Collaborative’s motto: “Effectiveness and efficiency through collaboration”.   



“It was a pleasure working with Pathwise to develop the Compliance and Enforcement Foundations training program. We had an ambitious plan to complete 10 courses and 30-hours of training material with a limited budget and resources and the team at Pathwise was integral to the success of the project.  We enjoyed a positive and collaborative working relationship and we are pleased with the quality of the final product.”

Alistair Cochrane, Executive Director, Compliance and Enforcement Secretariat 



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