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Case Studies

British Columbia Forest Safety Council

Supervisor Training Course

The Client

The British Columbia Forest Safety Council (BCFSC) is the Health and Safety Association for forest harvesting, sawmills and pellet manufacturing in British Columbia. The BCFSC works with forest sector employers, workers, unions, contractors and provincial government agencies to support industry in making the changes necessary to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries in the forest sector.

Key Project Features

The Need for Change

BCFSC was already running a successful in person training program for forestry supervisors. This course spanned several days and required participants and trainers to meet in a central location. But BCFSC was finding there was a growing demand for an online version. Using this approach would allow learners more flexibility in taking the course and would also require no travel. Additionally, BCFSC wanted to create two versions of this course; one for forestry supervisors and the other for supervisors in the wood product manufacturing industry.

BCFSC contacted PathWise Solutions to help with these tasks. PathWise has helped redevelop many in person courses to online, and has also worked on many projects with BCFSC.

The Path for Change

After reviewing the previous course and consulting with BCFSC staff, it was decided to take a two pronged approach. First, the course was adapted to an online format for wood product manufacturing supervisors. Then, this course was adapted back to the original forestry supervisor audience. There was a great deal of overlap between these courses and this strategy ensured the process was efficient and productive.

The Approach

In the process of creating these courses, PathWise took a strategy that involved working with several subject matter experts in both action mapping and scenario building workshops. They were then able to repurpose much of the content in the creation of the two courses.

This project was originally created as an in-person course for supervisors in the forestry industry.The course is being adapted to elearning for two purposes:

  1. For wood product manufacturing supervisors
  2. For Forestry supervisors

Action Mapping
As part of its discovery process, PathWise conducts sessions with subject matter experts (SMEs) to brainstorm ideas and solutions with your team. In this case, PathWise met with several SMEs from different wood products professionals to figure out the audience, goals and actions needed to accomplish the project. This creates a roadmap of solutions to shape and organize the course.


PathWise requested input from SMEs in several industries to come up with ideas for scenarios that would demonstrate certain concepts. Utilizing these ideas, PathWise developed the scenarios to their fullest potential so that learners could get the most out of them.

Flexible Approach

The BCFSC wanted to make two courses from the one that previously existed. This meant thinking carefully about the content and finding ways to double purpose materials. This type of flexible approach saved the client money and allowed them to get maximum value for their budget.


PathWise and BSFSC felt having interviews with staff sharing insights from the field would be of great learning value. PathWise recorded the interviews and edited them for placement at appropriate moments throughout the course.


The BCFSC and PathWise were able to redesign an existing in-person course into two online courses that served the needs of two parts of the industry. We were able to accomplish this by drawing on the knowledge of SMEs and carefully identifying material that could be modified to apply to two audiences. The resulting courses were very successful at achieving their goal of offering quality training online to forestry and wood product manufacturing settings.

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