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Emergency Radio Courses Conversions to HTML5

The Client

CREST provides emergency radio communications for 50 emergency response agencies in B.C.’s Capital Region. This includes fire departments, police departments, and ambulance services. Over 7.5 million calls per year go through the system – that’s one call every four seconds.

Key Project Features

CREST logo on a photo of a firetruck driver

The Need for Change

Several years ago, PathWise (while under the TM NewMedia name) was hired by CREST to create training materials for their communications systems for first responders. Since then, there have been many changes in radio and broadcast technology, with a move from mainly analog to completely digital.

Presentation methods for the courses themselves also changed, as Flash has been replaced by other technologies. In addition, due to the nature of first responder work, the courses needed to be completable in short sittings, so information could be retained despite interruptions.

With all these factors in mind, CREST realized they needed to update their training materials, so they re-enlisted PathWise for the task.

The Path for Change

After analysis and consultation, PathWise and CREST determined it wasn’t necessary to start from scratch. Instead, some of the previous materials could be reused and added to, thereby reducing expenses.

PathWise decided to:

  • Revise the current training materials with new information, images, and videos
  • Convert all courses from Adobe Flash to HTML to prepare for the discontinuation of Flash in 2020
  • Update the customized delivery platform that allows the client to monitor who has taken the courses
  • Design courses of shorter lengths so first responders could complete them between calls
  • Customize learning management system elements

The Approach

PathWise has developed a customized Moodle instance for CREST and has built eLearning courses using Articulate Storyline. Our initial work has led to a continued relationship, evolving with CREST as their training evolves and their needs change.


To assist learners in understanding the new technology, equipment, and methods being implemented, new course videos, animations, and graphics were created and new narration was recorded.

We also ensured that new photos were taken of the updated equipment and integrated into the course to demonstrate functionality and show detail.

Web Development

Some of the key elements PathWise worked on for the updated course were:

  • The conversion from Adobe Flash to HTML5 to ensure course functionality
  • A customized delivery platform


While updating the course, we also ensured that

  • Quizzes were updated to check the learner’s understanding of the new material (results of these quizzes were also available for administrators to track progress)
  • Drag-and-drop exercises clearly illustrated core course concepts and increased interactivity


The result was an updated course for CREST that made economic sense, while still meeting the overall course goals and audience needs. PathWise addressed the technology changes in content updates and upgraded the delivery system of the course. New video footage and photographs were used to update the look and feel of the course (as well as the information) and for additional purposes such as promotion and social media outreach.

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