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Mentorship Training eLearning Course

The Client

TransLink’s vision is to contribute to a better place to live built on transportation excellence; their mission is to connect the Metro Vancouver region and enhance its liveability by providing a sustainable transportation network, embraced by its communities and people.

Key Project Features

Translink Logo on photo of office workers

The Need for Change

TransLink already has an effective and powerful voluntary mentorship program that benefits its employees. However, they wanted to develop a tool that could help participants (mentors and mentees) prepare in advance before entering this program. This tool could then also serve as an ongoing resource once they were in the program.

The Path for Change

After careful analysis and in consultation with TransLink, PathWise decided on a combination of presentational and scenario-based modules to prepare both mentors and mentees for the program. This would allow learners to immerse themselves in the program’s policies and practices, and apply that knowledge in real-life scenarios.

The Approach

PathWise worked with TransLink’s Organizational Development department to create a course that specifically addressed the needs and objectives for their adult learners. We designed the course to run on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones with equal ease.


We built the course using Articulate Storyline 360 in order to take advantage of many interactive features. These include quizzes, drag-and-drop exercises, a moveable slide bar, clickable text boxes, and interactive scenarios.

To provide additional supporting information for learners, we also included easy-to-access resources, tip sheets, and links.


In order to make the course more directly applicable for learners, it centres around a series of scenarios between two characters: a mentor and mentee.

These scenarios explore the different stages of the mentorship process and allow the learner to catch glimpses of what they might experience once in the mentorship program.

An audio track of professionally recorded narration enhances the learning experience.


The learners for this course are largely self-motivated. Therefore, we structured the course activities and modules to allow for self-exploration and learning based on life experience.

Activities include reflections where learners type in their own ideas and thoughts on what they’re learning.


The mentorship course PathWise Solutions designed and built achieved its outcomes and has become a valuable tool for learners embarking on the TransLink mentorship program. It has filled a valuable need for systematized training, creating a more stable result for the company, while helping TransLink focus on its organizational goals.

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