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Case Studies


Multiple eLearning Projects

The Client

WorkBC is part of British Columbia’s provincial government and focuses on helping people find jobs, explore career options, and improve their skills. WorkBC also assists employers by helping them fill jobs, find the right people and grow their businesses. PathWise Solutions has created multiple successful projects for WorkBC over the years.

Key Project Features

WorkBC Logo on a photo of office workers silhouettes

The Need for Change

WorkBC was preparing for a new contract cycle and needed help with the substantial changes that would be happening as a result. The new contracts brought with them different approaches and guidelines in the way processes are followed – both internally and with external contractors. There were also changes to policy and an upgrade of the software systems. WorkBC asked PathWise to work with them to devise and execute the best training solutions to manage this change.

The Path for Change

We used an exploration or action mapping process to help identify the main objectives of the training program, as well as the many practices for which WorkBC wanted their employees to be prepared. We came up with the following strategies:

  • Create eLearning modules that appealed to learners with varied experience levels
  • Address potentially difficult policy changes in a positive way
  • Draw on WorkBC Client journeys to make the learning engaging and relevant
  • Train Ministry staff for future course maintenance
  • Maintain a flexible approach to accommodate the changing nature of the project

The Approach

PathWise and WorkBC created 14 eLearning modules using Articulate 360. The modules cover material that takes over seven hours to complete.


PathWise recognized there were many different people being served by the eLearning modules – some with no experience and some whose experience was based around the previous system.

A simple, straight-forward approach was needed to bring everyone up to speed, so we kept the following tools in mind:

  • Clean, text-based design that is interactive, easy to follow, and engaging
  • Building awareness of the Client journey in order to enhance the staff’s ability to understand and support it
  • Using scenarios to enable learners to understand what the changes look like in real-life situations
  • Conveying concepts through custom-made, interactive infographics
  • Simulating true-to-life training environments through the use of screenshots
  • Projecting a positive attitude towards the changes that were happening through careful choices in design and language


PathWise offers services to maintain, host and/or update courses but is always open to working with clients to serve their specific needs.

In this case, WorkBC wanted to take these functions over for themselves.

PathWise was happy to provide training for the Ministry staff who would be performing these functions.

Flexible Approach

One of the challenging aspects of this project was to figure out how to execute the deliverables while many aspects were in flux or changing. This meant our team had to be vigilant about the following:

  • Excellent communication: We developed a great system of communication with the WorkBC team, knowing it was crucial to be in touch about the smallest of details in order to best capture the evolving content.
  • Flexible planning: We knew our approach had to be very flexible to accommodate the changes that were happening step by step.
  • Organic approach: This project changed as each stage progressed and we embraced its organic unfolding and saw each change as an opportunity to improve the design and outcomes.


The training that PathWise created has been very well received by WorkBC staff and has been highly successful in conveying the changes that occurred. Since the modules’ launch, PathWise has worked with staff to evaluate the training’s effectiveness, make improvements, and look for additional training needs that have emerged post-implementation. Finally, training Ministry staff to maintain and update materials has provided more control for our client in the future.

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