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Free Beginner’s Guide to Remote Work eLearning Course

A lot of people are struggling with working remotely as they adjust to the current pandemic. That’s why we’ve pooled our experience and knowledge as a 100 percent remote company to build a FREE elearning course to help anyone trying to work from home for the first time. 

This roughly 20-minute, highly interactive course focuses on:

  • getting set up in your physical space
  • managing sharing that space with others (especially family)
  • using the right tools and apps for productivity and meeting deliverables

And more! 

Follow the Adventures of Brianna and Boss

The course follows Brianna, who has just been shifted to remote work, and her trusty furry friend and mentor, Boss as she navigates this “new normal”. Help Brianna navigate tricky situations and learn from Boss’s advice throughout the course, while learning valuable techniques for more effective remote work. 

Additional Remote Work Courses Coming!

We’re also currently working on other topics such as 

  • Creating Trust in the Virtual Workplace
  • Effective Remote Project Management
  • Facilitating Virtual Meetings
  • Ergonomics

If you’re interested in these topics or have others you’d like to see, then use the course link to get in touch with us. We’re also able to rebrand any of these courses for your organization.

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