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How We Help Clients Visualize Projects

When you’re working with a vendor to get your web or elearning project built, it can be hard to picture just what the end product may look like, even if you’ve worked very closely with that vendor from the very start. While storyboards, scripts, and documentation all help, we find that working in real time with clients and providing visual examples is a big part of ensuring a successful end product. 

Action Mapping/Discovery Sessions

One of the ways we like to help our clients understand where we want to take the project is through running an action mapping or discovery session. We use a whiteboard collaboration tool, as this allows us to communicate in real time and visually map out ideas with our clients as we assess their needs, barriers, and goals. We may run more than one, but it’s a first step in any project for us. 

Click on the video to learn more about these sessions: 

Wireframing and Prototyping

Wireframing is a great way for a client to see what a rough outline of their website or elearning course may look like. Typically, wireframing is used in web design to show what interface elements will exist on a website and is an early, visual version of the site.  But it can also be used to demo what an elearning project will look like.

We find that it’s much easier for clients when they can see a visual representation rather than just reading through the text in the storyboards we provide. 

We also try to include interactive prototypes that include design elements, layout, and interactions so that clients can get a good picture of what the course will look and act like once it’s built. This allows for continuous feedback throughout the project, and allows us to work agilely, adapting and changing the project content, interactions, and design as needed. 

Being clear on what feedback we need (and when), asking questions, and checking in with clients throughout a project, along with visual elements all help ensure that we’re delivering solutions that meet our clients’ objectives and exceed their expectations. 

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