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Project Spotlight: Heaven Can Wait First Aid eLearning Program

COVID-19 has caused many businesses to have to move from instructor-led training to online learning or blended learning. This is a big challenge for hands-on programs like the First Aid and CPR Training offered by our client Heaven Can Wait (HCW). PathWise Solutions was able to work with HCW to come up with a future-proof solution for this innovative company. Read on to learn more and contact us to help you bring your vision to life!

Heaven Can Wait teaches First Aid and CPR courses across Ontario to a range of audiences, focusing on providing programs that are easy to follow, user-friendly, and enable clients to feel empowered when dealing with medical emergencies. Given the need to accommodate limitations on in-person gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic, Heaven Can Wait decided they wanted to provide a blended training model for learners. The goal was to provide flexible eLearning covering more of the theory and background information for Day 1 of training that would then complement smaller groups of in-person Day 2 training.

Moving Away from the Ordinary

First Aid eLearning courses often tend to look the same, with lots of fake looking photos of medical emergencies or overly scientific, dry diagrams. We didn’t want to deliver the ‘same old same old.’ Our goal was to match the energy and enthusiasm of David Goodman (founder of HCW) and the company’s other instructors with the overall look and feel, while ensuring concepts were clear and easy to follow in an online format. After working closely with David and the HCW team to identify key goals, PathWise Solutions decided to make the training story- and character-driven and to develop richly illustrated and animated modules to engage, inform, and entertain learners.

Following the Journey of Ruby, Sasha, Jay, and Richard

The courses follow the adventures of three friends – Ruby, Sasha, and Jay – and Ruby’s father, Richard, as they encounter different medical emergencies and use their First Aid training to help both strangers and family. We worked extensively with HCW to build out realistic situations for the characters to find themselves in and to develop these into illustration-rich animations that include professional voice narration for the physical skills aspects of the course. 

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Learners have the opportunity to test their knowledge through decision making in “choose your own adventure” style interactions, knowledge check quizzes, and more. Given the mix of audiences, our goal was to also ensure all information was geared to a Grade 5–7 reading level and that it feels hands-on and interactive. 

Along with unique illustrations, the course also includes video and audio clips from David Goodman and other audio clips to add richness and to fully explain the topics.

Efficient, eCommerce-capable Learning Management System

Using LearnDash, PathWise also built an efficient, modern Learning Management System (LMS) to host the modules and handle online sales and registration, with HCW branding applied. The system supports both individual and group registration. The LMS also includes a section of resources that are searchable by topic and a glossary to help learners brush up on key terms related to the content. 

We also set up eCommerce capabilities on the Heaven Can Wait website for bookings. Users can purchase from a selection of nine different online courses and book their in-person training sessions at the time of checkout as well. 

Accessibility and Additional Assets

To ensure that the courses are able to be used by those with screen readers or vision challenges:  

  • Everything is built to WCAG 2.0 standards
  • All videos and animation include closed captioning
  • Alt text is included for all images
  • Fonts, colours, and contrast were tested for best viewing

PWS also developed several dynamic 30-second marketing/promotional videos for HCW to engage potential clients and that highlight the key aspects of the courses. Click on the video below to view an example.

The End Result

“This was the first time I actually enjoyed learning First Aid and CPR and I didn’t feel intimidated. The online program was a blast. It was an actual story that progressed through the program, very neat. Very-well priced for the amount of material and knowledge you receive. You also get a book. Highly recommended.”

– Julie Tye

Being able to offer an eLearning version of their training has meant that Heaven Can Wait has been able to continue serving their community with expert First Aid training despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s meant increased business and more accessible content. Learners have commented that the material is fun, interactive, easy to follow, and has saved them a lot of time for training. 

We’re very proud of the work we did with Heaven Can Wait to bring this training to life!

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