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Project Spotlight: TransLink Change Management & Mentorship eLearning Courses

Over the years, PathWise Solutions has worked on several very successful projects with TransLink – Metro Vancouver’s transportation network – including building eLearning courses on change management and mentorship training. We’ve broken down the challenges of these courses and how we worked with TransLink to overcome them. 

Creating Change Management Online Training

In order to accommodate multiple learners, TransLink wanted to create a 30-minute eLearning version of their Instructor-Led Training (ILT) on change management – an important topic for middle managers and supervisors at the organization. The goal of the eLearning course is to provide those managers and supervisors with the information and skills they need to better communicate and manage change and, as importantly, to help their teams accept change. 

Working closely with TransLink, PathWise focused on developing a course that gives learners the opportunity to explore common change management concepts, receive coaching on common change management challenges, and develop strategies for overcoming resistance in a no-risk environment. Learners test their understanding and apply the concepts covered in the course through scenarios based on real-life situations, following the journey of a fictional supervisor and manager. This storytelling approach helps engage learners and adds a layer of richness to the content, while providing relevant feedback for learners to help them improve their understanding of change management. 

Learners also have the opportunity to engage with the material through interactive graphics, activities, and video interviews with key TransLink staff. 

Developing Effective Mentorship Training eLearning

TransLink is known for having a powerful voluntary mentorship program for its employees, but over time, the organization realized that mentors and mentees engaging in the program needed more pre-preparation before participating. They also wanted to help participants by providing ongoing resources. PathWise therefore worked with TransLink’s Organizational Development department to create a course that specifically addressed these needs and objectives. 

In order to make the course relevant to learners and real life experiences, the course focuses on a series of scenarios between two characters, a mentor and mentee– similar to the change management course. The scenarios explore the different stages of the mentorship process and allow the learner to catch glimpses of what they might experience in the program along the way. 

The examples below give you an idea of what some of the course interactions and scenarios look like.

We designed the mentorship eLearning course to be fully responsive and run on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones with equal ease to ensure that learners can access the course anywhere, anytime. It is highly interactive, with moments for self-reflection, activities, and quizzes to keep the self-motivated learner engaged. 

Both of these courses have been very well received by TransLink staff and have proved to be valuable additions to the mentorship program and the change management ILT.  Working closely with TransLink, listening to their organizational goals, and focusing on key takeaways for learners allowed us to create effective, systematized training, thereby creating a more stable result for the company.

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